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blackened skies亚洲乳大丰满中文字幕

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blackened skies亚洲乳大丰满中文字幕

Breaking Descent: A Temptress Born (Act One) “ Man was made from not but a grain of sand and his companion and savior made of marrow and blood.”-- Old Saying Marshall, MinnesotaThe soft hills of rolling grass and farmland during the early spring year was nothing short of amazing. The sky half covered in clouds let the air kiss the skin with cool lips. The smell of the night’s embrace of rainfall was a welcomed treat. A silver sly smile cut into the sky shining the plains in a heavy blue hue. The soil of the earth ripe for seeding.The rain was good Hamilton thought. “Nothing like spring tears to wash away the sins of the sinner“ he muttered with blood gushing from his neck. He couldn’t feel the rain, or grass, but he could feel the insane amount of pain raging an unholy storm throughout his body. He wasn’t done yet he thought and climbed to his feet with a hand around his throat… he was going to finish this.Five months prior…Hamilton was an average built man with nothing much going for him. He rested idle in a job that paid well enough and content in a world that could exist without him. He had a daughter and a wife, both very beautiful and clearly an oddity in Hamilton’s life. He always a selfish individual with no concern beyond his own design. There was little desire in him to ever have a family, and yet he somehow attained one. He didn’t have resent for it, but neither did he have any love for it. That was the beginning of the end for Hamilton, for in just the length of less than a year he would find himself broken, alone, and twisted because of his inability to take concern where it was demanded. Carole was a slightly petite woman, and pretty average in body tone. Her dyed gold hair was softer than it appeared and flowed with grace to the length of her shoulders. Fiercely intelligent and just as fierce on the social playing field it was a mystery as to why she would find a dull square witted man with the social standards of a five year old to be her husband. Perhaps it was nothing more than from a biological point of view Hamilton was able bodied, to be of some use in the bedroom, and easily pushed to do anything she could ask for. In her younger years she was an eye catching minx who never quieted her sexual appeal, and her alpha female status made her untouchable by most males. Being thirty-one didn’t hinder any of her prowess. She held a job as a nurse at a reform school for girls.Her daughter, Mille was a tall leggy fourteen year old with the physical and intelligent attributes of her mother, but she retained her father’s social awkwardness. She wore her hair short that cut off nicely between her ears and neck. Her big blue eyes could melt the coldest of hearts, and her soft seraphim voice would make even the gods quiet for a moment to hear just one word fall from her lips. Mille was developed appropriately with the early years of puberty setting in without apology. Then there was Sticks, the family’s large mutt. Despite that fact Sticks was very large and powerful. He had the face only a mother could love and mirrored that of a stone gargoyle. The Hamilton family found him as a pup beside a back country road three years ago barely alive. Hamilton could have cared less but Carole and Mille found him to be worth saving. They loved him and cared for him. From that love and care came a friendly brute. Sticks was affectionate with anyone willing to offer a rub on his side with the sole exception of Hamilton. The two beings were never found in the same room. He and Mille however were close and to an extent the same was true of Carole. It was not unusual to find Mille and Sticks paired up playing in the park, or backyard. To the outsider it was a strange pair up for most of the children Mille’s age had begun intermingling into the social workings of the world; molding into cliques and exploring sub-cultures. It was abnormal and perhaps a little freakish but that didn’t seem to bother Carole or her husband for their daughter to have only a simple dog for a friend.Carole and Hamilton expected her to be independent early on. Often her mom and pops were working in the afternoon so she was left on her own for roughly the better part of three hours right after school each day with the exception of the weekends when Mille spent most her time with her mother. Hamilton found solitude and escape ignoring his little family. Mille would occupy herself by playing with Sticks. When she wasn’t playing with her hairy companion she could be found flipping through channels in the family’s modest living room or drawing with crayon in her room.When things began to fall apart for the family was on a day that Mille stumbled upon a collection of something disturbing and evil belonging to her father. The finding would open a doorway in her mind into a dark plane of existence. From that point on there would be no undoing of the little girl’s transformation... That day was on March 15th, 2013. On that particular day Mille wore a small sky blue summer dress which had her small nipples visible through the thin cloth: her cute little nipples poked innocently out. She was a beautiful little girl. Her tall form a lengthy shapely heavenly form that graced the green blades of grass that kissed her back as she laid next to her dog rubbing his side gently as he napped lightly in the summer sun. Her soft green eyes lazily blinked as she hummed a soft almost silent song. The two lay in the grass captured in a world of their own. A world perfect without the floggings and abhorrent truths the world of adults seem to embrace.With her mother and father working she was left with Sticks to their own workings and play. Everything she did: she did with Sticks. From playing in the soft pools of mud puddles to running to the gas station just down the street for a small treat or sweet liquid. From time to time she would sneak an extra candy bar in Sticks’ mouth as she bought a cheap treat. She would walk innocently out with a free candy bar. Whoever was at the cashier’s counter never noticed the girl’s ingenuity and small time thievery. Today though there would be no stealing of candy bars. Just her and sticks soaking up the sunshine in the back yard. She laid there for a while watching Sticks sleep, his black hair on his chest would heave heavily; she thought perhaps Sticks was having a good dream, or a bad one… Probably a good one she thought. She pulled herself to her feet and headed into the house leaving Sticks to dream.Sticks dreamt. He dreamt of all the good things a dog could dream of, and dreamt of all the terrible nightmares a loved family pet could conjure. The subjection of unapologetic and unconditional love from the youngest of his little family pack conjured a deep feeling of want and protection in Sticks. Mille walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water from the faucet. She continued over to the living room and turned on the TV. She flipped through the channels with distaste and boredom in her emerald eyes. There must have been hundreds of them, and more often then not she was blocked from viewing material that was inappropriate by her mom. She was stuck between old eighties re-runs, Sponge Bob and the news. None of which interested her. She flipped through the list of shit TV before deciding to watch a movie instead.She rolled off the couch crawling on her hands and knees to the DVD cabinet. She noticed that her dad’s section with the lock was left opened for the first time. There wasn’t much inside the secluded corner cabinetwith only a small DVD binder inside chock full of strangely white-blank disks. Curiosity took the better of her and she pulled the first DVD out of the sheathe and continued onto the player… the disk dropped into the open tray that slid back into the mouth of the damned thing. She then scooted on the floor away from the screen on her booty… What she saw there was no way in this world or the next that could have prepared her for what she was about to witness. There in front her with the empty ugly glow the TV screen she watched a girl barely older than she squirm on some unknown white tile floor naked and crying. She had blonde hair that looked soaked and wet. She had large hazel eyes and porcelain skin that made her the tips of her breasts a bright pink-red. Mille’s mouth dropped open and her eyes widened with shock, fear and disgust. The camera tilted and flew into the girl’s face: the little blonde screamed and yelped as if struck by an angry hand. A man’s voice broke the whimpering cries of the girl in a animalistic growl, and Mille couldn’t understand what he was saying nor what language was being spoken.The tears in her hazel eyes made Mille shiver in fear. A chill ran down her arms and spine: in the wake followed goose bumps. Mille was afraid for the girl on the screen, and scared of the man who spoke in an unknown tongue. She watched in horror as the man’s hand grasped the young girl’s neck and pulled her up from the floor and into the air holding her suspended while she whined and choked for air with her body clenched and twitching. It was almost beautiful in a sickening kind of way. Time slowed for a few breathless seconds then time was wrought to a sudden stop locking the image of the girl being held suspended in the air as if a trophy kill of a hunter. Words in cheap electronic red streamed across the screen and read, “This is (Slavic girl’s name here), age fifteen, approx150lbs, virgin, found in eastern Europe, and captured with promise of monies by the “Candy Lady“… Kept alive for 789 days. Enjoy viewer” then the streaming lines disappeared and the video continued without halt. The man said something and slammed the little blonde against the tile walls. The teeth in her mouth slamming against each other cracking the enamel around them and rocking her jawbone with pain. He held her there as he repositioned himself in front her holding her throat firmly as angry little tears rolled off her cheeks. She clenched her teeth showing them in defiance at almost primal level. The motion of the camera unfocused and fell when it did Mille heard the girl gasp for air as the man’s hand released as he did she squealed in pain. What the camera didn’t capture was the man’s unwanted sudden invasion inside her body which naturally caused pain. She felt the head of his prick jam itself into her pussy, slipping past her perky little pussy lips and tearing into her hymen: breaking the seal holding her virgin. It was a pain unlike anything she had experience and by the look on her face it was something she never anticipated nor prepared for.The lens also missed the smile of satisfaction that crept along the man’s face. A vile slice of a human smile: mocking and selfish: evil and unapologetic. He felt himself enter the girl and her honey box was the sweetest of pussies he had violated. He could feel her heat explode and the veins inside throb with ferocity. The screen glowed with the girl facing the lens of the camera. In the pretty wide hazel eyes of the blonde girl there was an unspoken scream pleading quietly for God to hear her prayers for help. Had there been a God there surely there would have been heavenly retribution, but there in the glow and behind the screen in an electronic limbo no God would hear the girl’s screams, nor come with wrath to avenge her. This place Mille saw in the images being projected at her was that of a place where no god of light would dare transgress nor explore. Her blonde hair stuck to her body and her small perky breasts were fondled by the man behind the lens with the girl’s sweaty lengthy body pressed up against the wall. The man screamed a word and the girl screamed in horror and pain. He went deep into the girl but it was not deep enough for him for he wanted to be her to the hilt. He took only a second to enjoy the tight feel of the girl. Slowly rocking back and forth inside her. He wanted to fuck the living shit out of this girl and with a wink he began thrusting into her. His shaft tearing into the girl like a jackhammer in clay. He felt her elastic pussy stretch for the width and length of his dick. Her pink kissed him like no bitch before. Each time he rammed into the girl he felt himself being plunged deeper and tighter into her nectar of a fuck hole. That was it. The feeling of fucking her brains out and feeling the insane amount of pleasure she gave was too much. That primal animal side of him washed over him and into the girl. He started fucking her brutally hard and inhumanly fast. The girl was being pummeled mercilessly.All she could do was scream and writhe in unimaginable pain as he fucked the her without abandon. Mille could do nothing but watch the screen. Her eyes and attention completely engulfed by the madness being unleashed in front of her young impressionable mind.The girl’s soaked blonde hair stuck to the tiled wall with the back of her head slamming into it. The man grunted witheach heavy forceful thrust into the girl’s body trying in vain to bring his raging prick to the hilt inside the girl’s little pussy. The girl clenched her teeth trying to deal with the absurd amount of pain being inflicted inside her as her sweet pink insides were being torn asunder by a colossal raging monster. She tried pushing him away with her small arms pressing her hands against his chest. In doing this she only excited the man more inspiring him to thrust harder and deeper into the girl. Tears rolled wildly off her checks. The man moved in and licked the tears off then slid his gross tongue unto her lips giving her a hard non-receptive kiss, then continued his onslaught into her frail abused body. He fucked her faster and harder. Her little breasts bouncing wildly as he did without mercy. Her pleas and whimpers was met only with vile words being coughed up between the man’s grunts.Then it stopped suddenly. With one last thrust he jammed the whole of his huge cock into the girl slumping onto the girl as he came into the girl finally being able to fully submerge his cock into her cunt. An intense orgasm washed through his loins and muscles. It felt as sweet as the manna of heaven. His body twitched and shuttered. She felt for the first time the heat of a man’s release flood into her insides. Wave after wave of the hot thick substance pumping into her. The screams of the girl quieted into soft whimpers. The girl began to fruitlessly hit at the man as he laughed and wrapped his powerful hands around the girl’s throat again.His powerful arm lifted her up and slid her sweaty squirming body up the wall. There was a playful and sickening plopping noise as his prick pulled from the girl. He then pulled the camera back to get a full image of the girl’s body. Her small pussy lips dripped with blood and cum. A slow trickle of the mix ran down her lengthy legs and dripped onto the floor. Mille watched as the lens came closer the girls gushing pussy and it showed a battered little fuck hole open and a gaped oozing blood and the white cream of cum. She noticed that the girl’s body had stopped squirming. For a moment the blonde felt release as the world around her faded into black and the pain slowly flood away like the pouring of water from a jar. She stopped her struggle and let the dark take hold. The man took noticed the little girl’s limp body: he uttered something in disgust and threw the limp form on the floor in the same way someone would discard a bad fruit. The camera then came around revealing the face of some man scowling into the lens. A man Mille did not know. The sight of him made Mille yelp in horror at the sight of him. He turned the camera back on the blonde’s lifeless body and stayed focused on her saying something in a raspy whisper. Mille began to cry… Then the girl moved slightly. Her feet shifted on the floor, and she came to life again gasping and whimpering. Pain washed over her body again. The horrible torn feeling of muscles and tendons being stretched and broken screamed from the insides of her crouch and underside of her belly. It was like being reborn in a fucked up kind of way. The man responded with a laugh at the unexpected revival of the girl. He moved the camera to her crying face, and slowly the screen faded to black. “End of Episode708-- A Killing” in white letters the title streamed across the screen.Mille sat on the carpet of her living room floor and did not know what to think, or do after having watched a fifteen minute clip of a budding teenage blonde girl being brutally raped. She didn’t notice the titles of the next episode run across the screen, “Episode709-- Raging Interruption”.Her developing mind was not meant to be subjected to such unholy horror. The evils in the world were always meant for the world of men and women, not little girls.She was confused and scared. She started to cry softly. Just as the next episode was starting she rushed to the DVD player ejected the disk and quickly placed it back in the holder and into unlocked cabinet.She scrambled into her bed room sitting at her desk. She began drawing. The images of the girl and the hand of that held her unfolded ugly from crayon and pencil. She stopped crying as she drew. Her eyes were wide and dilated; focused and afraid. She drew and drew of nothing but of what she had just witnessed. Sticks was having a nightmare about Mille. He could sense she was afraid and being hurt somewhere but he could not find her. He woke up with the sun lazily hanging over the horizon and the grass was cooler than when he fell asleep and Mille was gone. She probably went inside to watch TV or draw… he could sense there was something wrong with Mille. He barked with his tail erect expecting her to pop her head out from the house, but there was no response. He began to panic and barked wildly as he rushed inside the house looking for the girl. He found her at her desk but she did not turn around to meet him.Sticks whined to no avail. He nuzzled against her leg and finally she noticed him. She said something and fell to the floor hugging him. She held him so tight it hurt, but he did not yelp or whine. He tried licking the side of her head as she whimpered. She clung to him like the world was about to end. Images of the scene strewn about the floor drawn in the colors and hand of a child in pain…Carole was the first to arrive home. Mille was outside in the backyard sitting next to Sticks. Carol dropped her purse on the table and went outside to say hello to her little girl. She sat next to Mille grabbed her and gave her a light hug. Mille was the love of Carol’s world. She was the only thing that made any amount of sense, and the only person worth loving. She noticed without a blink that something was a little different about her little girl.“Is everything okay Mille?” she said to her daughter.Mille turned to her mom. She looked into her mom’s greens eyes and lied. “Everything’s okay mama”, and the beginning of the end had begun to unfold. Mille turned away with the images still fresh in her mind’s eye. Nothing could undo what she witnessed. Not even the deep love of a caring mother could undo the damage dealt.If there was evil in the world Hamilton knew its seed. If there was good in it, Mille knew it not… at least not anymore. And if there was still a bit of ignorance in that world Carole was a prime example of the term in chaos. Here in Marshall the End of the World would be born and there be no stopping it.Mille went to sleep that night and she dreamt. She dreamt of Hell. In it a world of flame, blackened skies, burning exposed flesh and the screams of a billion damned souls being tortured by the most unholy of demons.In that twisted dream she saw her teacher being horribly eviscerated. Her name was Kristine Castle widow of Joseph Castle. She was a young twenty-five year old History teacher with just barely a year of teaching experience and she lost her husband when she wastwenty-three in a freak accident. Kristine never remarried and dated frequently but never steadily with anyone suitor. She was a beautiful Native American woman hailing from the tribe of the Rose Bud Sioux with some amount of French Canadian in her bloodline. Her jet black dark hair always had a brilliant reflective shine. Her softly dark skin was a treat to the eye with her curvy coke bottle shape. Though her measurements may not have been in the double D’s she had a defined seductive shape to her hips and those breasts of hers where to die for. They almost perfect in shape and size matching her body perfectly. She was known to be an extremely kind and always took interest into each student she had. A fan of stand up comedians she always recited lines and phrases making her a favorite of the school‘s faculty. She spent time with school events and always made time after class each day for any student that might have needed help in anyway. Mille thought she was the most beautiful woman she saw, even prettier than her mom.Demons like those on the windows of the Church that she often passed on her way to school in mornings surrounded the woman laughing that same horrible tongue as the man in the video. She was being held by her ankle by a horned demon with the body of a man and the head of a skinned bull over a pit, but it wasn’t a pit dug in earth and dirt, but a pit born from flesh, crimson, bone, pain, and hate. Around its edges a hundred thousand sharp teeth that looked like the teeth of sharks, and beneath the teeth a squirming mass that descended into a thick red darkness. Upon closer inspection the squirming mass was instead not a cylindrical mass of meat but instead millions of raging erect penis’ that squirmed and screamed for sexual release. It was in the image of a perverse “Sarlac” pit of the Star Wars movies.The Kristine was screaming. Her eyes almost black from being dilated so badly from the fear raging in the veins of her body. Everything about the woman screamed fear and dread. The demon released the woman. She yelped as she fell.The pit screamed like the hungry roar of a boar and a billion men insane with lust. The thing’s thousand teeth rattled and quivered, but as furiously as the millions upon millions of raging erections that took attention to the falling body that descended upon their squirming numbers. Each dick thinking of itself only without regard for its millions of other brothers just as eagerly awaiting to appease their own selfish twisted lust. Each screamed for sexual release. As she fell Mille saw in her eyes sorrow and terror of the worst kind. The kind that corrupts a soul… or feeds upon it.Then like a swarm of sharks the raging erections lunged. Millions of them launching from the pit at her. They shoved into her body. Every orifice was torn into. The pain was unimaginable. She was torn apart as each penis shoved itself for entry and her body exploded in a wet crimson mist in an instant. Torn flesh and bone rained down. Millions of dicks received no release. Most tore them selves from the wall and withered. In fact those that did enter her body had no time to fuck the bitch. Each was left unsatisfied and more thirsty for that of which they hungered for. Pussy meat. Mille tried screaming in her dream but to no avail. There was no waking from this sickening nightmare. She would not wake. The woman’sbody parts fell deeper into the pit and fell into a mess of bile and ooze within the stomach of a greater beast; if she was consumed above then surely this is where she would be digested.Her torn body and bits of flesh splashed in the mixture. Then sinew and vein reconnected, muscle mass grew back and splintered bone folding back into shape by unseen hands. Somehow the pit reanimated the woman’s torn body, and she screamed as she was wracked with a thousand life times of torturous pain through out her body. She looked at her destroyed body as it reattached itself and healed. Perhaps she never died at all, perhaps she was able to recognize what had happened to her and could feel every painful second after exploding from the inside out. This was Hell after all, and death would be too easy. The woman’s thrashing body was then grabbed by a massive slippery tongue wrapping around her slim body squeezing her without remorse A dark voice echoed from the shadows of the belly of the beast, “and now you will know me. Every demon in hell will know your body… and each will tear you to pieces bitch!”.In the sub conscience of Mille this innocent little girl had awoken a monster. Hamilton unknowingly created a monster because of his stupid nature and self pleasing ways. A dark portal opened in the girl’s mind and there be no closing it. Sticks knew something was wrong and he barked late into the night. He tried to awake his friend but to no avail. She squirmed in her bed sheets and moaned while her parents fucked like robots in the room over. She squealed but her parents did not hear, and sticks was locked outside. The dream continued.Her teacher’s body entangled in the slithering invading tongue squeezed her form. Sweat mixed with salvia. Screams were met with laughter. Struggle was constricted by control. And the powerful held the weak. The voice from the darkness spoke again, “What you felt when you entered this second sphere was every damned human male’s soul for the hour in Earth time. All of whom doomed to be tortured by what they cannot have. Its by far the greatest hunger to want to fuck and come only to the taste of pussy nectar but never salivating in it… Don’t worry my little worm bitch. We shall salivate in your pussy for we are the warden’s not the Damned! And you shall know us for all of eternity! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”.She screamed in horror as the tongue entered her body. Its forked end forcing itself into her asshole. Like some nightmarish snake it slithered inside her. Her body quivered in pain as inch by inch the thing slipped in her body. The lining or her anus began to stretch to it’s limits. The thing keep going deeper. The meat around her butt hole tore, and crimson release was greeted with lustful slime. She screamed in both terror and pain.Deeper and deeper it went with the dark voice laughing in delight as it watched with hidden eyes. It went deep. She felt the thing squirm in her stomach. She screamed and writhed and lashed her body. None of the struggling would free her and excited the horrid evil tongue even further till it burst from her throat and out her mouth. She didn’t quite scream, but she made gasping noise fighting for what air she could get.It slithered put from her mouth down her belly as tears flooded out her pretty brown eyes.Salvia oozed over her quivering twitching body. The tongue slipped around her pink honey box. Flicking at her clit and wetting her pussy lips before violating her fuck hole. At first it teased her slipping one of its tiny forks that ended at the tip: moving it around in a circular motion, then it went from nice to angry. It stopped only for a second to give the woman a false sense of softness, but then it lunged into her cunt. Fucking her like a rabid dog. Slipping and whipping inside her cervix pounding her and ravaging her wet pink. She choked. Tears rolled off her soft brown toned cheeks. Somehow in this terrifying violation she came. Washed over again and again with organisms until they too became painful and torturous. The tongue then without warning slipped away from her pussy and back into her mouth, down her throat, until finally ripping itself out of her ass. Blood and saliva exploded from her hole. She screamed and yelped and whimpered. Her body too weak and broken from the hours of titanic abuse. “That was just a teaser” a voice said, “wait till my dick is thrust in you in you little bitch.”She moved her hand into her cunt trying to ease her bruised flesh and she felt something. Her flesh was healing. And the bruises on her body were disappearing. “This is my gift to you, to always be made again even after being unmade, you didn’t think this was going to be easy did you? Every nerve in your system is made anew like a new born, and your little cunt and ass and throat as tight as the day before you opened your legs you fucking whore. This is Hell. My play ground, and your just one toy in a toybox.”, the dark voice said, so matter what happened to her no matter how terrible even resulting in her death, she would again be healed for the next demon or demons.Then she heard it. A deep growl. She stood on her feet and stood nose to nose with there impossibly evil looking Great Danes-- no not three. There standing in front of her were three heads on one very powerful muscular body. She had only time for her eyes to widen and her mouth dropped in horror at the snarling beast. The monster dog leaped, snatching her neck with one of its three powerful jaws: blood choked out her scream. It threw her quivering body on the ground, still conscience she tried getting up feeling the meat in her neck heal itself and she stood up trying to run away. The devil dog followed. Its claws pounding into the ground with a wide grin on each of its three face and then it jumped at her.She felt the beast’s claws grab into the skin on the top part of her shoulders and one of the monster’s mouths snapping the spinal column in her neck. She feel to the floor with the beast on top of her,护士被两个病人伦奷日出白浆 it released her from itsjaws but kept its paws holding her down. Again she healed. She tried getting up: her knees against the floor with her butt in the air. If only she knew her mistake.What she didn’t know was that the beast had no desire to eat her. Its impossibly large red penis hung from a hairy sheath. Pulsating and rock hard it plunged into her ass. She screamed in shock as the beast rammed its fiery cock into her re-virgin anus. It hurt so much she bit into the tip of her tongue.She never felt anything like this: being fucked by a demons was already traumatizing enough, but by a dog… a evil three headed Great Dane demon was pushing itself into insanity. And it, the Great Dane of Hell-- Cerebus pushed hard and fast. Ripping into her tight ass without remorse. Feeling the muscles spasm and tighten around his cock encouraged the raping beast to fuck faster and harder. She screamed and wailed terribly as the monster dog howl with pleasure drooling over her revenged body. Then she felt “it”-- the knot. A huge knot of meat rising from the hilt of the dog’s prick and inching closer to her ass. There was no way the beast could get that thing in her… there was no fucking way.It fucked her harder making her scream more and the pain more and more unbearable. The knot was a fearsome throbbing monstrosity of in it self and it was getting closer. Then with one heave the beast shoved the knot into her ass. She yelped and ripped a scream from her throat that surely tore at the walls of her inner neck. She felt it go deeper even when she thought it impossible.Then he came howling in pure heavenly pleasure. He thrusted himself her as he came ensuring this little bitch got all of what he was giving her. She felt the dog’s dick erupt inside her. Sperm shoot up into her intestines. It made her sick and she threw up with the dog still fucking her, then passed out from the pain and exhaustion… She awoke pain shooting up her spine and met nose to nose again with the hell hound, she looked down with the dog’s dick head settling gently on the lips of her pussy, “no plea---” she couldn’t finish as the fucking animal went in for the real kill.The dog never felt a pussy as good as hers in the countless millenniahe had been fucking women. It was perhaps the most tender tight thing to be wrapped around his throbbing cock. He was going to make this sexy native bitch last and beg for death by the time he was done.He plunged into her tight little hole just as fresh and untouched as it was when she was sixteen. He felt the insides of her sweet nectar pussy clench and wrap itself around his invading pole. It felt to him twenty fold of the sweet kiss of her butt hole gave him not an hour ago. He let his throbbing monster set in her pussy for a few minutes so she would know how much more pain and pleasure awaited her. This dog was going to get his day.She felt the huge monstrosity open her pussy lips. She felt her insides explode in pain. She tried to get up to run awaybut there was no escaping her doom. The Dane pounded her pink slowing but rough. Inching deeper into her cunt. She felt it. The dogs’ fucking dick increased in girth and length sending her body into convulsions. Her elastic pink walls were at their limit ready to tear but her “gift” of healing prevented that and from it the dog felt her entire body please every demand of his prick. This perverted dog was loving each fucking minute of this bitch.He then decided to stop teasing her and give her his all. He then began his onslaught inside her pussy and against her body. Her breasts bounced and she made funny noises with the insanity being unleashed upon her. The Great Dane, Cerebus fucked the poor girl to death so many times that night-- only the devil knows how long a night lasts in Hell, well, him, Cerebus and his new bitch. He slammed her frail form till her insides were mush and against rocks or whatever got in the way. She knew pain and death again and again. But in her death she never felt any release only the continued thrashing of the hell hound. Then finally the beast came. In the rise of some twisted dark sun.She felt that disgusting perverse and painful knot twist up along the dog’s shaft. She shuttered and screamed in horror as it rose. For the beating she received while he brutally fucked her ass hole apart would be far more painful inside pussy. She remember how it felt as it rose into her ass and tore her asunder, and prayed for god to help her. He did not.The knot entered and she felt the tear of her inner pussy walls. Rupturing meat and sinew and veins. Nerves erupted in glorious impossible pain. That was only the enter trance of the beast’s beast. She felt him pound harder. The knot crawled up-- more flesh tore, more nerves exploded, and her screams grew louder. In kept getting deeper; tearing beyond her cervix and into her vagina… she felt pain beyond anything she has known as it exploded inside her. His cock erupted in cum gushing gallons of cream colored cum into her little form. As much as she was in, he was in pleasure. Finally after a whole night fucking this bitch’ brains out (literally on one occasion) he popped not counting fucking her ass apart. He finished with her.Before allowing her to recover in any way he clamped with his jaws her neck and tossed her aside. The sound of his dick unplugging from her gaping pussy made a satisfying plop noise. Cum and pussy juices flooded out her body. He turned and with the voice of a wolf… “When Hell is done with you, I will ask my Master to have you as my personal human bitch to fuck forever…”, with that Cerebus knew it would be a long time coming and chances are he never get pussy that good again until her return to him.Mille awoke from her sickening dream of Hell and ran to the bathroom. She threw up. She wasn’t sure what time it was but light had begun to break in the sky. She stood in the mirror shivering and frightened. She heard Sticks bark and ran outside. She grabbed him and held his warm fuzzy body in her arms. She wept with the horrid dream still haunting her.She woke up as the sun cracked over the house, and climbed up from the grass. She wanted to see her teacher. The woman being tortured so horribly in her dreams. Mrs. Castle. She did not mention anything to her parents about the dream. Her dad ignored her as he did every morning and her mom kissed her on her cheek as she ran off to the bus fearing for the fate of her teacher.She spent no time arguing with the other girls or pushing aside the asshole bullies. She ran into class and was the first kid at her desk. Awaiting quietly and hopeful for the bell to ring. It was the longest thirty minutes in her life. And a painful hour as no teacher arrived for it took a whole hour for the substitute to arrive. Something had happened to her teacher Mrs. Castle. The pretty tall and thin native American woman that was always so nice to all the children. Mille knew something bad must have happen and her gut clenched.To Mille’s delight her teacher walked into class. She wore loose cargo pants and a black and purple t-shirt with a beautiful wide smile. Mille jumped up from her desk and wrapped her arms around the teacher’s legs. “Why aren’t you the affectionate one today Mille?” Kristine said laying her hands gently on top of the girl’s head and began slowly stroking her hair.Kristine kneeled down looking into Mille’s eyes at eye level, “Are you okay sweetie?” she said with concern and curiosity in her voice and Mille looked right into her eyes, “Just happy to see you Mrs. Castle”, and proceeded to hug her teacher again.She did not understand what she saw in her father’s DVDs or the things in her dream about Hell, but she did know that it was bad, and to an extent somehow disturbingly exciting. She was glad that Kristine was okay and thought of nothing but the video she watched the day prior. It made her sick but also to a small extent excited her. It was something new alien begging to be explored.She ran home that evening as soon as the last bell rang. Her mom stayed with her taking a day off, and her father stayed at the office. She wanted to share with her mom about the things her dad had in the locked cabinet but was afraid of what might happen, and the last thing she wanted to do was anger her father. She mentioned nothing of the dream because it made her feel dirty and bad.She sat with her mom until she feel asleep. Her mother put her to bed and let Sticks sleep with her in the bedroom. Mille dreamt again as did Sticks.Sticks dreamt of Mille chasing her while she ran somewhere dark. He tried to keep up with her in the tall wet grass, and soon was lost in the green oblivion. A nightmare unfolded in his doggy head as his master slipped away into shade. Mille dreamt the same exact same dream she had the night prior about her teacher but this time the nightmare was more visceral and real. She awoke where it left off with the Great Dane of Hell, Cerebus telling the woman of her eternal fate with him. She whimpered softly clinging to Sticks burring her face into the dog‘s coat trying to make the memory of the dream wash away. She then felt a deep need or desire to again look into her father’s cabinet of evil. Curiosity took the better part of her consciousness and climbed from her bed.She walked down the hallway of her house silently sneaking past her parents room with Sticks in tow.She opened the cabinet and just as she left it before the door was still unlocked; she placed the DVD back in and immediately pressed “2” for the second chapter to start. The same blonde girl appeared on the screen. Only she wasn’t crying or beaten and bruised. The girl sat not so innocently on a couch wearing a soft blue dress just like the one Mille had. She could see the girl’s breasts and they were more developed than hers. Mille was again afraid for the girl but she was also a little curious as to what would happen to her. Sticks turned his head slightly to the side inquisitive of the girl on the screen. Mille covered the dog’s eyes but he shook his head and brushed off the girl’s attempt at censorship. They sat in the ugly glow of the screen and looked on with eyes wide and ears perked. The crickets outside for a moment quieted their song…The voice came back, but this time gentle. The girl smiled, but Mille could tell that it was a deeply painful dry smile. Two men entered the room from the right of the screen. Each wearing a strange rubber mask of dead presidents. One wore the mask of Ahab and the other Nixon. They approached the girl and spoke to her in the strange foreign language. She nodded and Ahabpicked the blonde up from the couch her cute little body sat on.She straddled his hips with her long hairless legs and cooed in a soft voice. The man said something to the girl with an sly grin and the other wearing the Nixon mask snuck around behind her with the blonde never noticing a thing. She kissed the man gently and he kissed her back wrapping his powerful hands around her small round buttocks, but it wasn’t his hands holding her ass for his paw rested to the side of each thigh She may have known in a general sense to what was going to happen and came to terms with her new role in life-- serving the sexual monsters a full plate of their sick disgusting lusts for young girls, but not what was going to happen to her from behind and at the same time. She cooed again into the empty holes of the mask. When she felt the hands grab her little ass. With that her eyes widened with fear when she realized that the other man in the mask had sneaked behind her on purpose. She pushed gently back against Ahab with her eye brows in plea for them to stop. He only smiled back from inside the mask. His shaft entered the girl, she grunted and expressed pain in her pretty face biting at her lower lip. She again cooed softly and smiled that empty smile, but then her smile dropped into open mouth holding back a scream as Nixon entered from behind. She never became numb to the pain. Each experience seemed to her more painful than before.Nixon’s big cock gently entered her body, but that did nothing to ease the girl’s pain of being torn open from the inside. A sick smile sliced within the dark and sweaty interior of the mask. He felt good preparing to defile this little blonde bitch. The thought of it made his dick pulsate and twitch. The action made the girl squirm uncomfortable as she grabbed Ahab and tried to pull away with her arms around his neck. Two adult males had their dicks in a little girl at the threshold of becoming a woman… and somehow the sight was just as beautiful as it was vile and evil.One man inside her throbbing tight pink. The other in her cycloptic tight little ass. Two men is sheer pleasure. One little girl in agony and terrified to what was her fate in the next few minutes.Mille was absolutely in disgust by the material but at the same time just as enthralled in curiosity. Sticks just watched without taking his doggy eyes off the screen just on occasion to look at Mille as if questioning her motives but only to turn back and watch the video. Mille laid her hand on the dog’s head and continued her perverse inquiry into this dark underbelly world of her father which he hid.The men began plunging themselves into her form. Their dicks so big and long it was hard enough to push the heads of their rods into her screaming orifices. She tried to smiled as she whimpered in pain. She attempted to make it look like the unholy scene was enjoyable for all three parties but it was obvious only the men enjoyed the act. The girl couldn’t take the beating any more and she screamed then collapsed on Ahab. The men only laughed and fucked her limp body even harder. For only a few minutes she escaped the pain and humiliation. She awoke with the men hurting her absurdly more. She felt the dicks rage heat into her body from the innards of her virginal walls and the nerves exploding inside her anus and rectum. Each man tried up the other in a sick game of who could make the girl squeal and scream more. They fucked her harder and harder to the point even where the man behind made a weak attempt to stop the two. Her lengthy tiny form rammed repeatedly between the men. Sandwiching her in a world of depravity and pain. Finally one of the men came.Nixon exploded in her ass, screaming out in sheer unbridled pleasure. He pulled out her tight little fuck hole that made a satisfying plop noise. Blood and semen dripped on the white carpet. Silent reminders and testaments of the duo’s villainy. The other man swung her body around with his prick still raging in her pussy, pressing her body against a glass window and fucked her so hard that the beating caused cracks to form where the side of her head hit the window. Her little breast pressed against the window. The man with the camera ran outside revealing a wooded area and quickly found her little body being fucked mercilessly from the inside. Her eyes bled salty water. And her lips bled tiny droplets of crimson. Ahab popped. Ramming her so hard that her body broke the glass. Her small breaks suffered some tiny slices from the glass. She could only cry as the man threw her to the floor. As she laid there all three men came to her and began jacking off. They ruptured their sacks onto the girl’s body as she laid in a fetal position crying softly. Tears mixed with her crimson and pained by the men’s cum. Her beautiful blonde hair wet with sweat and the sickening mix that clung to her body and floor. Blood gently rolled off of her breasts. It was as beautiful as it was evil Mille thought. God. Beautiful. The screen rolled back to black again, “End of Episode709- Raging Interruption”.If what Mille saw before was villainous in the first episode, then this was of the devil’s hands. Oddly Mille did not cry or run off as she did before. She just sat there with her hand on sticks head scratching him gently. She paused the DVD and walked to the bathroom leaving Sticks behind her. She climbed over the toilet bowl and hurled. Throwing up her lunch. She started to cry but stopped. She flushed the toilet and washed her mouth. She looked up into the eyes of a little girl who had just witnessed some of the most horrifying and disgusting recordings to ever be published in any part of the world. She saw the eyes of a girl changed forever and turned away in disgust at the image. On her way out she looked back catching in the mirror a glimpse of a tight high little girl’s ass… and so it was. The change was complete. The final straw broke, and from the shattered glass rose the reflection of the Devil. She smiled a smile that was not of Mille. But beautiful in its naughty alien nature. Mille. Girl. Daughter. Angel. Monster. (Act Two)Her dad locked the section and she was cut off from her desire to explore this side of the adult world that both terrified her and intrigued her. She then had no choice but to find other mediums to flesh out her curiosity. She would draw. Hiding the pictures in a white binder. Often after finishing a drawing she would destroy the bits of art afraid she was doing something disgusting and wrong. She drew girls and women… something about the female form intrigued her and the only thing she drew or paid any attention to with the male figures in her drawings were the penis’ of grown men and of her dog’s. Her perverse inquiries only intensified as with her skill at drawing greatly increasing.In two months after first watching the forbidden material of her father Mille became quite the artist. She became interested in comic books and the drawings of the girl’s in them. She mimicked the style of the comic book artist to a “T”. She would hide her dirty drawings, but often would give her mom and her teacher little doodles of the comic book heroines she liked to pan over with her green eyes, or of simple cartoon animals-- mostly of Sticks.Mille was never comfortable with the dreams she would have about Hell. These were the drawings she never left to treasure like the ones she hid. These drawings were violent: brutal as they were evil. She would tear up the pictures and burn them in the backyard. Make no mistake though it interested her and filled her inquisitive nature with glee it was also something she was ashamed of: disgusted by her own dirty little mind producing such a deviant carnal Hell.Hamilton never noticed the change inside his little girl’s mind. He did however notice her change from the outside. She was fourteen and her body was developing. He noticed that his little girl had the budding flowering form of a seductress. She would walk by wearing those dresses her mother would buy and watch in silent hypnosis her tight high little ass move with the grace of her mother-- like a woman, a real woman. At times he imagined himself fucking his daughter with her calling him Daddy while sucked on the head of his penis like a lollipop. He thought of training her to be his little fuck toy. Hamilton wasn’t ashamed of his perverted fantasies of his own flesh and blood. He however kept it to himself never willing to dare the risk of going to prison for shit he could avoid. He had his DVDs and that’s all he needed.Once he caught Mille naked walking out of the shower. His mind filled with only the lustful desires of a perverted mad man. He watcher her smooth wet body almost dance in front of him without her ever noticing him. He briefly thought about jacking off, then thought of just barging in and fucking the brains out his daughter against the sink… but pulled away and went to other business leaving Mille to dry herself off. He never let go of the sight of his own beautiful minx muse that teased him so unintentionally. Mille grew found of her teacher. After learning of the doorway that was the internet, Mille would secretly print pictures of naked women. She would sometimes fantasize about kissing Kristine when class over like the girls did in movies and the internet. From time to time Mille would her fingers inside the lining of her panties teasing herself and exciting that feral primal inner animal within her.She saw in a daydream… laying next to Kristine in a lesbian grapple of forbidden love. A teacher and much younger pupil, and lesbians at that. The denizens of Marshall would have a field day if Mille and Kristine were ever caught together doing naughty things and playing nasty games. She imagined how soft her lips against her own. She could smell Kristine’s perfume and would bathe in the essence. Mille was experiencing her first crush and she was consumed by it. Mille began to try to catch her teacher’s attention. A first with little notes she left for her on the teacher’s desk as she scurried out, or with small flowers she plucked from gardens on her walk to school. It was school boyish and innocent. Mille however began approaching Kristine in a little more aggressive manner.Kristine may have been kind and caring for every student there was however one exception. Mille. The little girl began to sew an attachment with her. To Kristine, Mille was an extraordinary little girl. She especially impressed with the girl’s ability to draw and would compliment her frequently. Mille was also a beautiful girl who reminded Kristine of herself when she was her age-- still innocent and unspoiled by the outside world. There was however hints and signals that Mille sent out to Kristine that she didn’t quite catch.One day after dropping a white pedaled flower on her desk. Mille asked if she could share a secret with her. When Kristine leaned in with a wide grin, “tell me your secret Mille, it’ll be yours and mine only” and with that Mille pecked Kristine gently on the lips and quickly ran off but not before turning and holding the doorway to the class room with a devilish little grin half hidden by the wall… Kristine was caught off guard and almost started laughing hysterically because it was the last thing she expected. For a moment Kristine sat and thought about Mille. Mille had a pair of balls to do what she did. The next day Mille walked in wearing a sky blue summer dress. She eyed her teacher and gave her the look of what she assumed was a “sexy” look. Kristine responded with a raised brow and small hidden grin meant only for Mille. “Sit down girls… and boys” Kristine said starting the class a little early. Mille sat front and center of the class as she always did. At first Kristine tried to ignore Mille’s provocative pose, but she couldn’t help but look. Mille spread her legs open revealing her sweet little pink box. Mille bit her lower lip as she noticed Kristine’s attention being diverted exactly where she wanted her to. Right at her.Kristine noticed the girl’s pussy starting to get wet. As slips of light were caught in her pink lips and untouched fuck hole. Going against everything she had been taught about moral norms and social standings she decided to play with Mille in her perverted little game of “Hot For Teacher”. She leaned on Mille’s desk pressing her breasts up against one another with her arms. She watched the little girl‘s emerald eyes glow with excitement and intrigue. The other kids in the class room had no idea what was being played right in front of them. Completely bewildered and ignorant of the game the two engaged in. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.Kristine couldn’t help but think of Mille through out the day as they teased each other. Both trying to one up the other. Kristine didn’t know why she was doing this. Deep down in her gut she knew it was wrong. Mille might have started to develop but she was still a little girl even at fourteen. The thought made a hot shiver run along her spine and legs. “God, this is so fucking hot”, Kristine thought. Suddenly the men she was dating seemed like distant clouds. After loosing her husband she had been lonely and bored. Men seemed like pigs to her. Her dead husband would beat her… Why not she thought, it was Mille after all that made the advances and began courting her. Why not give this a shot, if only to have some perverted fun. The part of reason and logic in her brain screamed for her not to continue encouraging the young impressionable girl, but a deeper desire ruled her… she felt her self starting to get a little wet.“Why don’t you stay after class Mille, I have something to discuss with you in private.”, no one said a thing; Mille just nodded and bit at her lower lip again agreeing to the arrangement grabbing fiercely at her desk and spreading her legs apart again.With a loud slam and lock of the door without another word Kristine marched right up to Mille and locked her lips on the little girl. Her hands grabbing the girl on the ass and lifting her up in the air. Mille wrapped her lengthy legs around her teacher in embrace. She never kissed anyone before but that didn’t hold Mille back because it was Kristine taking control. Kristine teased the girl’s lips with quick lashes of her tongue and breathed in her air. Mille was swooned.Kristine was enthralled with the situation as the two locked eyes with Mille still hold her with her legs. This was against everything she knew. If felt so bad it was good and delicious. She laid the girl gently on her back on her massive desk throwing papers off onto the floor clearing the way for her little whore. “Now, Mille… have you ever done anything like this before?” Kristine asked.“No… But I have seen girls… you know… do things with one another… I want you teacher…teach me how to be a bad little girl”, as perverted and unreal as that sounded it was all Kristine need as she turned to her pupil, “now baby, im going to lick your pussy. Im going to make you feel a whole new experience in life. I don’t want you to be afraid… Mama’s going to make it all okay”, she leaned again with her body showing Mille’s body. They kissed and Kristine sucked in Mille’s tongue gently teasing her.(Act Three)“Fuck it” Hamilton thought. Mille was his. Just as much as those damned DVDs and wife belonged to him. She was there for him because of him. If anything the little bitch should be thankful. He clocked out of work early.He arrived home. He walked through the door and there was Mille surprised and almost startled by his arrival. She pulled away the paper she was drawing and tried to hide it from her father beneath some homework. He caught her without saying a word, he pulled the drawing out of the tiny pile on the carpet and raised a brow when he realized what he was looking at. “Mille. Aren’t you talented?” he said genuinely impressed with the girl’s artwork.A picture of a woman vaguely familiar laid naked on a bed with what appeared to be Mille kissing. His dick fluttered with excitement. To think, his little girl was a perverted little lesbian. “Silly girl”, he said with an evil twinkle in his eyes, “ bitches are for boys…. And daddies!” and without warning he grabbed Mille by the neck. Frightened she said nothing. She saw into her dad’s eyes. In those raging almost black orbs laid a sick desire and lust. Mille recognized the look and had a damned good guess what her father wanted from her. She however did not want to give him anything. Especially that. She tried to scream but he held her too tightly. She watched in horror as her own father began to disrobe. Throwing his t shirt aside and unzipping his pants revealing a raging erection hidden only by the white cover of cotton.Its finally happening Hamilton thought gleefully to himself. Finally aftermonths of wanting to fuck Mille he was going to. He was so hard from the thought it started to hurt with so much blood pumping into this crouch and dick. Mille began to loose consciousness and with the roll of her eyes she blacked out. She woke up on her father’s bed tied up with her ass in the air and limbs tied apart with torn bits of clothe. Immediately she pleaded with her father to stop and to let her go. He only smiled as he stroked himself at the sight of his sexy little minx of a daughter being held against her will with the promise of sexual penetration and violation only a father could give. He said nothing. She pleaded. This was it he thought and moved in climbing slowly over body kissing her buttocks and sliding his tongue on the inside of her ass crack. She squealed and began sobbing uncontrollably.“Stop Daddy, please Stop!” she begged.“Why baby? Can’t you see we’re having so much fun?” he responded in sick self satisfying tone.She continued her pleas. For a moment though she was excited as she felt her dad’s lips and tongue tease the lining of her asshole. He flicked at it and pushed the tip of his muscle into her anus enough and gently enough for her little body to writhe not in pain or shock, but for the first time in excitement and arousal, but reality flooded in as he stopped and whispered into her ear, “I haven’t been a good daddy have I? Well starting today sweetie. I’m going to be very good to you from now on little baby”.She hated the sound of her father talking to her like that. She hated the sound of any male talking a hushed seductive way. Him saying that made her gag. She didn’t want her daddy to be good to her. She just wanted to wake up. Sadly this was no dream.Then she felt it. The head of his dick being rubbed against her ass and teasing at the lips of her pink pussy lips. She screamed. Hamilton grabbed Mille around the neck almost killing her in his crushing hands. “You’re making me angry Mille. Daddy’s going to have to teach you a less--”he was cut off as something very sharp and powerful grabbed his neck and the sudden taste of metal washed over his tongue.Sticks heard Mille scream and rushed into the room and leaped at Hamilton locking him firmly in his powerful jaws. Hamilton jumped and tried to throw the mutt off him but to no avail. Punching the dog only pissed the mongrel off: the dog only biting harder into his neck with each hit. With no air and blood flooding into his lungs he started to black out, but in one last ditch effort he swung around. By some miracle the was able to throw the dog off but unable to catch his balance. He stumbled out the window smashing it a thousand slivers that cut into his flesh falling into wet grass…… The sky half covered in clouds let the air kiss the skin with cool lips. The smell of the night’s embrace of rainfall was a welcomed treat. A silver sly smile cut into the sky shining the plains in a heavy blue hue. The soil of the earth ripe for seeding.The rain was good Hamilton thought. “Nothing like spring tears to wash away the sins of the sinner“ he muttered with blood gushing from his neck. He couldn’t feel the rain, or grass, but he could feel the insane amount of pain raging an unholy storm throughout his body. He wasn’t done yet he thought and climbed to his feet with a hand around his throat… he was going to finish this.He ran into the house with hand firmly clasping his neck. He ran through the hallway, and with nothing but rage and pain to guide him. He burst into the room expecting to find a helpless little girl and a stupid mutt about to fucking die. What he met was two hundred pounds of a furry wrecking ball of teeth and meat. He tried to fight the dog off, and for a moment pleaded quietly into the dog’s eyes, but Sticks showed him no apology. With that the dog tore into Hamilton’s face: smashing bone and tearing meat with each gnash of his powerful jaws. He felt every painful second of the mauling. He was left on the carpet chocking from the hole that was once his face. Mille still restrained on the bed naked and hot with beads of sweat dotting her hot little body watched in satisfaction for twenty minutes as her father laid there dying.





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